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Merciless. Innovative. Uneasy


Ian Parker's Mapping the English Left through Film: Twenty Five Uneasy Pieces is a block-buster of a book, mercilessly unpicking the cinematic narratives that infuse twenty-five organisations.


 Key elements of plot and production are used to tell the story of purges and splits and cult-favourites in this innovative history of Trotskyist groups in England. 


This is the place where revolutionary Marxism goes to the movies.

Influencer Relations:
Insights on Analyst Value

Valuable analyst and advisory firms like Gartner Inc and Forrester Research influence half of the world’s spending on information and communications technology. As a result, tens of thousands of analyst relations professionals are engaged in influencer marketing campaigns focussed on shifting those researchers and consultants impact on high-growth markets.

No-one has more expertise into the value of analysts and advisors than Duncan Chapple and Sven Litke. As the managing partners of Kea Company, the world’s largest analyst relations consultancy, their book gives their insights into how analyst value is created and captured.

The expanded second edition includes an appendix on the Magic Quadrant, gathering together a series of articles including the Consumers Guide to the Magic Quadrant.

The book also includes contributions by notable industry figures, including Andrew Reed, Annelieke Nagel, Anthony Kennada, Bram Weerts, Christopher Manfredi, Derk Erbé, Donna Stein, Efrem Mallach, Hank Barnes, Lawrence Hecht, Michael Coté, Neil Pollock, Peggy O'Neill, Rebecca Lieb, Sharon Robinson, and Suyog Shetty.

152 Pages
Second Edition: February 2018
£7.95 ¦ €8.95 ¦ $10.95 

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Win Them Over
Third Edition

Efrem Mallach
Corporate Analyst Relations
Consultant Relations


Jim Jepps
 EU Referendum
Time Travel

Industry Analyst Relations

Duncan Chapple
Ralf Leinemann
Influencer Relations

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